Instructions for Advertisers

Advertising Principles:

These principles, developed jointly by editorial and publishing staff, are applied by the ASJ to ensure adherence to the highest ethical standards of advertising and to determine the eligibility of products and services for advertising in the ASJ’s print and digital publications. The appearance of advertising in ASJ publications is neither a guarantee nor an endorsement by the ASJ or the ASJ publication of the product or the claims made for the product in such advertising. The fact that an advertisement for a product, service, or company has appeared in an ASJ publication shall not be referred to in collateral advertising.

As a matter of policy, the ASJ will sell advertising space in its publications when the inclusion of advertising does not interfere with the mission or objectives of the ASJ or its publications. To maintain the integrity of the ASJ publications, advertising (i.e., promotional material, advertising representatives, companies, or manufacturers) cannot influence editorial decisions or editorial content. Decisions to sell advertising space are made independently of and without information pertinent to specific editorial content. ASJ publications’ advertising sales representatives have no prior knowledge of specific editorial content before it is published. Placement of advertising adjacent to (i.e., next to or within) editorial content on the same topic is prohibited.

Eligibility and Requirements:

  1. The ASJ reserves the right to decline any submitted advertisement or to discontinue publication of any advertisement previously accepted. By submitting ads for consideration, all advertisers agree to the Principles Governing Advertising in Publications of the ASJ.
  2. Products or services eligible for advertising shall be germane to, effective in, and useful in (a) the practice of medicine, (b) medical education, and/or (c) health care delivery and shall be commercially available.
  3. In addition to the above, products and services that are offered by responsible advertisers that are of interest to physicians, other health professionals, and consumers are also eligible for advertising.
  4. Institutional advertising germane to the practice of medicine and public service messages of interest to physicians may be considered eligible for appearance in ASJ publications.
  5. Equipment, Instruments, and Devices: The ASJ determines the eligibility of advertising for products intended for preventive, diagnostic, or therapeutic purposes. Complete scientific and technical data concerning the product’s safety, operation, and usefulness may be required. These data may be either published or unpublished. Samples of equipment, devices, or instruments should not be submitted. The ASJ reserves the right to decline advertising for any product that is involved in litigation with a governmental agency with respect to claims made in the marketing of the product.
  6. Books: A book may be requested for review to determine its eligibility to be advertised.
  7. Web Site and Digital Publications: The current standards for ensuring the editorial integrity of print publications apply to advertising in electronic publications and derivative products, such as online journals, CD-ROMs, Web sites, and online databases, especially for publications in clinical and health-related fields.