Instructions for Reviewers

Peer review is critical because it; Improves the quality of the published paper, Ensures previous work is acknowledged, Determines the importance of findings, Detects plagiarism and fraud, and Plays a central role in academic career development. Peer review adheres to the principles that; It is a well understood concept, without it there is no control in scientific communication, and Journal editors evaluate and reject certain articles prior to external peer review. Peer review help reviewers: Updated with latest developments, Helps with own research or new ideas, Career development, Awareness of new research before their peers, General interest in the area, Builds association with journals and editors.

What makes a good reviewer; Provides a thorough and comprehensive report, Submits the report on time, Provides well-founded comments for authors, Gives constructive criticism, Demonstrates objectivity, Provides a clear recommendation to the editor.

Comments to the editor should be; Comment on novelty and significance, Recommend whether the manuscript is suitable for publication, Confidential comments will not be disclosed to the author(s).

As a journal reviewer, please be reminded that you are expected to provide a thoughtful and meaningful review as we are asking for specific and constructive comments, not just one-word answers or decisions with no comments at all.

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Advanced Spine Journal Certificate of Reviewing

We realize that our expert reviewers greatly contribute to the high standards of the Journal, and we thank you for your present and/or future participation with a certificate you can issue automatically through your journal personal account.