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Complications of Surgical Treatment of Sacral Fractures: Management and Avoidance

Hesham Habba, Mohammed Alaswad, Sherif H. Ali, Sam S. Samaan, Esam Elkhatib, and Ali Abou-Madawi

Subject area: Lumbosacral spine, Surgical techniques, Trauma


Role of Ultrasound-guided Pulsed Radiofrequency in the Management of Chronic Cervical Radicular Pain

Mohamed Ali ELGaidi, Ahmed Zaghloul Fouad, and Karim abdelaziz Eldabaa


Clinical Results of Augmented Solid Pedicle Screws in Fixation of Osteoporotic Spine

Ahmed Balaha, Esam Mokbel, Basem AbuElnaga, and Ebrahim Shamhoot

Subject area: Degenerative, Lumbosacral spine, Surgical techniques, Trauma, Augmentation, Augmentation


Awake Spine Surgery: Fad or Future?

David A.W. Sykes, David S. Salven, Troy Q. Tabarestani, Mohammed Khattab, Youssry El Hawary, Jeffrey Gadsen, W. Michael Bullock, Miles Berger, and Muhammad M. Abd-El-Barr

Subject area: Degenerative, Lumbosacral spine


The Risk of Subsidence in Standalone Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion: A 12-Month Follow-Up Prospective Study

Mohamed K. Elkazaz, Ali M. Abou-Madawi, Hassan A Alshatoury, Mohamed AlQazaz, Ahmed AbdElmoneam, and Khalid MI Salem

Subject area: Degenerative, Lumbosacral spine, Minimally invasive procedures


Challenges in Pediatric Spine Deformity Management in Areas with Limited Resources

Ahmad M Hammad and Alaaeldin A Ahmad

Subject area: Deformity

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