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Background Data: Spinal column trauma is relatively uncommon in pediatric patient and not frequently encountered among the 1st two years especially in the thoracic region.Purpose: To describe a rare presentation of thoracic spine fracture within the first 2 years of age.Study Design: A case_report.Patients and Methods: We report case of 18 month old male patient with significant both lower limbs weakness after history of falling from height. Examination revealed paraplegia while full motor power of both upper limbs. Computed Tomography (CT) thoracic spine showed compression fracture of the sixth thoracic vertebrae. This has been confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that showed significant central cord contusion opposed this fracture. Conservative treatment was selected with custom made spine brace associated with physiotherapy sessions.Results: Spontaneous volitional lower limb movements have been reported within 8 months after the insult.Conclusion: The neurologic deficit is still the key for the examiner to suspect the presence of spinal cord insult that can be associated spine fracture especially in this young age. (2016ESJ120)


Thoracic spine, Pediatric, Trauma