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Background Data: Epidermoid cysts grow slowly so the symptoms would present with slowly progressive course and delay in the diagnosis that may extend up to years.4 Presence of neurological symptoms and signs is usually detected that might be associated with local mild but persistent back pain.Purpose: To describe a case presentation of spinal epidermoid cyst.Study design: A case_report of intradural thoracic an epidermoid cyst.Patients and Methods: Our case was a forty years old male patient presenting with left lower limb motor weakness. He had a 5 month history of slowly progressive left lower limb weakness and not associated with sphincter disturbance. Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine demonstrated an intradural lesion of the thoracic part of the spinal cord.Results: The lesion was excised totally and 14 days after the surgical removal, the motor power of the left lower limb showed marked improvement up to grade 4 on MRC scale.Conclusion: The diagnosis of intradural epidermoid cyst could be considered in patients with slowly progressive lower limbs weakness and mild persistent back pain. (2016ESJ121)


Epidermoid cyst, thoracic spinal cyst, intradural cyst