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Developmental disorders

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Background Data: Injuries of the synchondrosis of the dens are very rare and are commonly unstable injuries.Purpose: To report a case of fracture of the synchondrosis of the dens. Study Design: case_report. Patients and Methods: The parents of a 1.5 years old boy reported pain and limitation of neck movements of their child following a minor fall. Imaging studies revealed displaced fracture of the synchondrosis of the base of the dens. The fracture was notamenable to closed reduction. Reduction of the fracture was only possible through direct transoral reduction. Internal fixation was done using one screw using Bohler technique. Results: Healing of the fracture was evident three months following surgical interference. Conclusion: Transoral digtal pressure of the displaced dens is an effective methodin reduction of the injured synchondrosis. Fixation with a single screw was effective until healing of the fractured synchondrosis. (2012ESJ021)


synchondrosis, dens, axis vertebra