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Sameh Abolfotouh

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Cervical spine

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Background Data: Degenerative cervical myelopathy (DCM) is a prevalent degenerative neurological condition that leads to spinal cord compression and functional impairment. Understanding DCM is crucial due to its high prevalence, potential disability, and burden on the aging population.

Purpose: This manuscript aims to provide a comprehensive overview of DCM, including its pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic modalities, treatment options, and future directions for research and management.

Study Design: This manuscript is a narrative review article that synthesizes existing literature on DCM.

Patients and Methods: The author reviews the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying DCM, including mechanical compression and compromised blood supply. The work also discusses anatomical changes within the cervical spine. Clinical features and symptomatology associated with DCM are explored to aid clinicians in accurate diagnosis and differentiation from other spinal cord disorders. Imaging techniques, such as MRI and CT, are highlighted for assessing the extent and severity of spinal cord compression. Treatment options, both surgical and nonsurgical, are discussed, with an emphasis on evidence-based medicine using data from randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. The potential use of pharmacological agents and stem cell therapy in treating DCM is also explored. The economic impact of DCM, including healthcare costs and long-term care expenses, is discussed.

Results: The manuscript provides an extensive overview of DCM, covering its prevalence, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic modalities, treatment options, and economic impact. It evaluates the efficacy, safety, and potential complications of different treatment modalities, emphasizing evidence-based medicine.

Conclusion: Further research and collaboration are needed to enhance our understanding of DCM and improve patient outcomes. The comprehensive overview provided in this manuscript is a valuable resource for clinicians and researchers working in the field of DCM.


degenerative cervical myelopathy, guidelines, treatment, future directions